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Electric or Gas
Figuring The Right Size
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review the features of tankless water heaters - compare the prices

Tankless hot water heaters offer the best options for a whole house hot water solution.
We feature tankless electric water heaters here because:

• They are easy to install
• They don't run out of hot water
• Over a 10-year period are cheaper or about the same price       as any other water heating system
• They offer options for improving performance with relativitly
   low cost add-ons
• The future is electric - the next generation of on-demand hot
   water heaters will be even more efficient and powered by

Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters
How to Decide Between Electric And Gas
How to Figure The Right Size
What Do Customer Reviews Tell You
How to Get Moret From A Tankless Heater
Install A Tankless Water Heater

1. calculate size
3 steps for measuring your home for a new
tankless hot water heater.Know what size is
right for you

2 pick a model
all major brands are listed with their pros and cons including Bosch, Stiebel, Titan EEmax, Seisco

3 add energy savers
Adding energy savers features will allow you to turn a tankless heater into a model twice its size.

4 easy install info
For those who want to try their handyman skills or just want to understand what's involved, this is the how-to for you.

best tankless hot water heater review
All the tools you need tocompare the electric tankless
hot water heater right for your home.

Figure the long term price of a
tankless hot water heater.

Simple 3-step measurement will show
you the way.

Use the 10-year calculator
to compare electric and gas
tankless hot water heaters.